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Match Fit: Finding the college that best suits you



The recipe for success


  • One part academic match

  • One part campus fit

  • A pinch of location 

  • Stir in financial aid

  • Top it all off with online resources











When we talk about finding the best school for you, we are basically looking at two things. Whether is is academically a match for you and then whether it is a good fit, somewhere you will be able to study what you want, have the experiences you want to have and feel safe and comfortable while doing those things. Below are some important things to consider.

Academic Match: All about the Numbers


The first step in narrowing down your college search should be finding schools where your numbers match those of their admissions. This will help you find a school where you will be challenged but not overwhelmed and where you should have a good shot at getting in. What are the important figures?


  • SAT/ACT Score

  • GPA

You can use the Barron's Index of Selectivity to help find out how selective of a school you should be considering. Just plug in your unweighted GPA and best test score into the chart. 

Campus Fit: Feeling at Home


Colleges come in all shapes and sizes. From majors and minors offered to campus life and diversity, there are a ton of factors that can make or break your fit with a college. Make sure you consider them so that you can feel comfortable during your time at college.

Finding the program for you


It's important to make sure you find a school that matches your academic interests. If you know exactly what you want to do for a living, search for a 2 or 4 year program designed specifically for that. If you haven't made up your mind, make sure you pick a school with a wider range of options. 

Campus Culture


Another thing to consider is the environment of a school. Would you feel more comfortable at a big school, or are you looking for a smaller college? Are you a big sports fan and want to cheer on a team? Would you enjoy being in a cultural group or have a specific interest that you want to bond with others over?  Schools vary greatly in their environment, so make sure to look up what type of student body you will be joining and what resources you will have once you're there.




Make sure to take a college's location into account. Do you want to be close to home, or would you be comfortable going to school further away? Beyond the distance from home, consider the city and area surrounding the school. Some schools are right in the middle of a big city, others are in the middle of nowhere, and there's a whole lot of in-between. Figure out what's right for you.



Even if you find a school that seems like a perfect fit for you, you need to make sure that it is affordable. Use online tools to plug in your family's income to see how much the college will cost after financial aid is taken into account. Every college is REQUIRED to offer a price calculator on their website. Don't just look at the sticker price!

Online Resources for Match-Fit

Big Future lets you filter schools by things like size, location, programs, financial aid, and much more. If you don't know where to start, this is a great place!

Click the picture to go to the website!

College Greenlight is a great resource, especially for first-generation and underrepresented students, to find a school that is both academically and socially a good fit. All of our students at The School for Creative Studies will be using this site for college planning.

Click the picture to go to the website!


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