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The College Application Process

Though you won't start sending out applications until the Fall of your senior year, the college application process truly begins your freshman year of high school. Beginning in the 9th grade you begin earning points towards your GPA which you will use to apply to college. You develop relationships with teachers that will write letters of recommendation and get involved in clubs and activities that will become topics of your college and scholarship essays. You also begin to explore your interests and colleges so that you can leave senior year with a plan. The point being, it's never to early to start thinking about your future! Click the images below to start planning or applying today! 

Resources to Help You Plan

College Greenlight is a free platform to help make your college search easier. It's a one-stop shop that features college profiles from 3000+ institutions, scholarships (national and local), and a calculator to help you determine your chances of getting in.

College Foundation of North Carolina (CFNC) is a free service of the State of North Carolina. You can use this resource to explore colleges, take quizzes to determine your career interests, find summer opportunities and so much more!

BigFuture is a free college search engine designed by the collegeboard to help you find colleges and universities just right for you. Quickly perform a college search by major, location, type of college, financial aid, and more. 

Resources to Help You Apply

In addition to exploring and planning you can actually apply to most NC colleges directly through CFNC using the college application hub. You can also send your transcripts to your colleges directly through this website. 

The CommonBlackApp is a website that allows students to apply to any number of 51 Historically Black Colleges and Universites at the same time for one $35 application fee.

The Common App is a website that allows students to apply to any of 693 member colleges and universities in 48 states and the District of Columbia, as well as in Canada, China, and many European countries with ONE application. 250 of these Universities do not require application fees but the others each require their own separate fee. NC State, UNCW, Chapel Hill and Duke or some schools that will require you complete the CommonApp.

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